Pic of Pain

The crowd was gathered beside a road, it wasn’t difficult for anyone to realise the severity of accident.
The motor bike rider who left his home few minutes back to buy a surprise gift for his dearest son’s birthday was now lying unconscious on the red ground, which made his broken right thigh and a deep wound in his back visible.
Sam managed to find some space admist the crowd to click the best pics of man who was fighting with death. As he had competents arround him, He wanted to be the first one to share this news in social media.
Only after hard 15 mins. there rushed in a man between the crowd of humans without humanity for the poor riders assistance. That man turned his body as a part of helping him, which gave a clear view of his face but to know his breath had already stopped.
Sam who seemed happy with his photographs was now on his kneels, tears rolling over his eyes and whispering only word ‘pappa’.